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A small, three location craft sushi family company…

We are rooted in the Japanese tradition of splendidly fresh ingredients sourced from all over the world and delivered to us every day. In our sushi chef’s able hands these traditions are magically transformed into something special – we dance with tradition!!
Elephant Sushi is a family of hospitality professionals passionate about the craft of sushi, cocktails and service.

After years of creating and experimentation, what you see is a menu of all time stars, crafted by our loving hands and a never ending desire to exceed your expectations. Our strong relationship with purveyors ensures immaculately sourced fish delivered every day. Food service is our pride.

Arigato gozaimasu!


Happy customers

“I can sometimes be a bit of a snob about sushi and this restaurant did not disappoint. I cannot wait to return!”

Jack O.

“You absolutely must try the omakase here- expertly  arranged flavors, textures and sensations that were so good they made us emotional!   Amazing experience. ”

Erin M.

WOW. Hands down favorite sushi place in SF. I came to this restaurant with my gf on a whim before an SF Symphony concert. I unexpectedly was in for one of the best meals and experiences I’ve ever had at a restaurant.

Josiah e
400 Grove St, San Francisco

Daily: 5pm-9:30pm
Tues: Closed


1916 Hyde St, San Francisco

Daily: 5pm-9pm
Monday: Closed


352 14th St, Oakland

Daily: 5pm-9:pm
Mon/Tues: Closed


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